did Jesus pay for our sins with cash or credit

he used praypal

I loved Blaine in season 2 and 3, then the writing got messy and so did he.


Yeah, I agree. Season 3 was where Glee ended and Blee began.


"Did u kno that your favorite artist/singer/wahteverthefuckelse is problematic because she or he did this problematic thing ten years ago?????"



t.A.T.u, the faux lesbian Russian pop duo have drifted out of the limelight since their fifteen minutes of fame back in 2002 when they pranced around in the rain dressed as schoolgirls kissing defiantly as a judgemental society looked on. There’s no question as to why the…

"Heterosexuality is Stockholm Syndrome"
Please don’t ever speak again


If your URL has the word misandry in the title you don’t deserve to be taken seriously.